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You have programs to launch. Ambitious ideas to put into practice. But as you know, you’re not going to get there without a big, enthusiastic donor base that supports you across the long term. The video-based marketing process I’ve developed is ideal for helping mid-sized nonprofits grow to meet serious challenges that demand serious solutions.

To help you make this transition, I’d like to introduce my Identity Film Roadmap Service. I’ll come in and conduct research to ensure that your messaging is data-driven and well-articulated. Building on this foundation, I’ll create a detailed outline for your Identity Film. 

This will include a concept and story broken down into a four-part structure that I’ve identified as the most powerful way to make this kind of video; a list of qualities to look for in an ideal interview subject; interview topics to cover so as to capture the necessary sound bites; the recommended visual grammar for the film; and examples of specific images that will best support the narrative.

This is a plan of action that you can share with any production company or implement yourselves. It will also include a section on how to utilize this video for the best results.


Here’s how it works: 

1. We’ll schedule a free consultation, where I’ll hear from you about your organization and your plans for video. We’ll assess the state of your marketing and whether you’re ready for this step.

2. If things go well in our session, I’ll send you a sign-up form for the Identity Film Roadmap service.

3. We’ll arrange a discovery session to dig deep into how you’re currently portraying your organization: how you understand your mission, how you characterize your work, how you pitch yourself. We’ll also put together a list of who your best donors are and why.

4. I’ll conduct interviews with your donors,  transcribe and analyze the data, and present you with a written report of my findings and comprehensive guidelines for your Identity Film.

Availability is limited, so claim a spot on the list as soon as you can.


“This video moved donor after donor to an increased level of giving. Even after the campaign was over we just keep spreading the video around and gifts kept coming in. We raised over half a million dollars and we could not have gotten there without Serio Films”

Alisha Abboudi

Director of Philanthropy, Politz

Some of the organizations we’ve worked with

Choose Your Preferred Plan

“I know my USP and donors already – just help me plan a video!”

  • ✓ 3-hour discovery meeting
  • ✓ 4 donor phone interviews
  • ✓ Data consolidation and analysis
  • Written report containing:
  •  ✓A summary of your USP
  • ✓ An assessment of your target demographic
  • ✓ A carefully-crafted articulation of your message
  • ✓Detailed instructions for your Identity Film, covering:
  • ✓ An outline of the 4-part structure
  • ✓ Qualities to look for in an interview subject
  • ✓ Interview topics
  • ✓ Visual grammar
  • ✓ Visuals to capture
  • ✓ 1-hour on-boarding call to review the report
  • ✓ 7 days of email support to answer any additional questions

Depending on my availability, I might be able to jump in and run the project for you.

If your team has experience with video, you may be able to produce this film in-house. You can also give this report to a local production company and they should be able to run with it. In either case, we’ll provide a one-hour on-boarding call to take you (with or without an outside production company) through the report and get everyone up to speed.


Appointments book up fast, so move quickly to reserve your time.


This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to rally more donors and bring in bigger donations
  • You’re tired of the status quo and ready to commit to a new and proven approach
  • You recognize the importance of investing in your organization’s future

  • You see the value in being intentional with your marketing

  • You want the expertise needed to ensure your video is executed properly

This isn’t for you if:

  • You have too many donors and don’t know what you’d do with another penny

  • Growth isn’t a priority for you right now
  • You’re looking for quick and easy results with little to no work
  • You’re not willing to get out of your comfort zone
  • You don’t believe that the right video can make a difference to your bottom line 

“After that first video closes and there is this thunderous applause in the room… You know that it touched people in a very special way. Bringing that mission to life and showing people… That is where Serio Films really excels.”

Scott Seligsohn

President, Kohelet High School

“The main thing a nonprofit has to do is to tell a story in a compelling way. No brochure we ever made, no soundbyte we’d ever come up within a speech had ever conveyed the personality that came out in the video. It wasn’t something that we built; it was something that Serio built. ”

Pesach Wolicki

Headmaster, Yesodei HaTorah

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Do I really need to go through this whole process? I just want a video.

Most of the time, people are reluctant to make big decisions on the spur of the moment. After all, information and planning offer the best chance of success. That’s why I’m constantly surprised by how many organizations are willing to take on huge, expensive video projects without doing any legwork. The very notion seems to take them off guard.

These organizations create videos because that’s what their communities expect, but the videos are not given a practical purpose. If they result in a profit, that’s a happy coincidence.

This seems wasteful to me. Even if you’re content with how it’s worked out so far, why throw that money away? Why risk taking a shot in the dark when you could let some light in and aim directly at the bulls-eye? 

This is a big chunk to take out of our budget before we even get around to filming.

There are four stages involved in making a video: Planning, Filming, Editing, and Distributing. While they’re all important, my years of experience have taught me that planning is the most significant — and by a huge margin, too. Without a solid plan in place, your filming, editing, and distributing will all suffer; they’ll be haphazard, inefficient, chaotic, maybe even useless, no matter how much money you put into them.

When you’re faced with limited resources, prioritize planning. It will make everything else better, too.

It’s also worth considering that video is an inescapably costly investment. If you’re not prepared to make a serious commitment, it may not be right for you. 

You’ve made a strong case. I see why this is important. But why do I need to take care of it myself? Won’t my production company do it all for me?

Sadly, they probably won’t. Most production companies bring a different kind of expertise to the table. They’re adept at the technical elements of making a film, maybe even the storytelling if they’re really good. They can create something that looks attractive and that holds the viewer’s interest for a minute or three. 

But marketing? That’s not their wheelhouse. They don’t think in terms of how to select a demographic for your film, how to communicate with them, or how to use the video to achieve long-term fundraising goals. If you want that done, you’ll have to take the initiative.

Why are you qualified to help me with this?

While I started out in the film world, I’ve spent the last decade orienting those skills towards the marketing needs of the nonprofit sector. I’ve developed my methodology specifically for this purpose, working with [organizations].

Helping you achieve this success is what gives my work meaning. When clients tell me about the difference I’ve made for them, that’s another injection of energy and motivation for me. There’s nothing like connecting nonprofit organizations with their supporters in an entirely new way.


Check out this nifty video about me for more information:

“We craft every minute of every [activity] so as to provide a unique and meaningful experience, and a light bulb went off when Josh challenged us and said, “Why aren’t you doing that exact same thing for the video?” He helped us understand not only how to produce a better video, but really about the mission and core values of our organization.”

Ben Gonsher

Chief Relationship Officer, NCSY

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